Stylish 1.0.11

Give Firefox and web pages a CSS makeover


  • Changes CSS instantly
  • No CSS scripting knowledge needed
  • Lots of styles to choose from


  • Requires downloading styles separately from developer site
  • Not exactly essential

It seems that we can customize just about everything on the Mac nowadays so why not web pages in Firefox? Stylish is a free Firefox extension which uses CSS code to change the appearance of websites.

Stylish changes colors, spacing, fonts, and the arrangement of individual elements including advertising banners. On the developer page you can find a list of ready-made script files for websites, which you can load into the extension. If you've got any CSS skills, you can even create your own templates.

Stylish could be useful if you really feel the need to fix ugly sites or are simply bored with the look of Firefox. In the same way that GreaseMonkey can adapt and improve JavaScript, Stylish allows you to make instant changes to CSS styles. It's a bit annoying how you have to download styles from the developer's site however - it would be preferable to have some styles already preloaded.

Overall, Stylish isn't exactly the most essential Firefox extension out there, but if you're really bored of the look of Firefox or can't stand the sight of a particular website, it´s worth a try.

Updated to support Firefox 4.0b2


  • Updated to support Firefox 4.0b2


Stylish 1.0.11

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