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Mozilla Firefox Beta 9 40.0

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  • Stable for a beta
  • Quicker performance
  • Option to only load secured items on a page


  • More prone to crash than stable version
  • Slower scrolling in Gmail


Another day, another Firefox Beta. While Mozilla has teased the new Mozilla Marketplace for web apps for their browser, it still hasn't launched. With the 19th version of the Firefox Beta, users can expect performance improvements as well as some under-the-hood changes for developers.

Firefox Beta adds a built-in PDF viewer so you don't have to rely on a plug-in. The other big update is that Firefox will offer to reset the URL bar for the default search provider if a third-party program changed it.

Smaller improvements include faster startup performance so the browser should open quicker. Developers also gained new features with the debugger supporting pausing on exceptions, the remote web console being able to connect to Firefox on Android or the Firefox OS, and a browser debugger add-on.

Firefox Beta didn't add many major features, but continues the steady development of the browser.

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  • For full details of this update, please check here:
Mozilla Firefox


Mozilla Firefox Beta 9 40.0

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