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Adblock Plus for Firefox help and info

  • What does Adblock Plus Firefox do?

    Adblock Plus Firefox is a one-step extension for Firefox and Mozilla Firefox that blocks all the adverts that spoil browsing pleasure. It blocks Internet, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pop-ups and adverts using a set of variable filters.

  • How does it work?

    Adblock Plus Firefox itself has no functionality; it won't block anything until it is told to do so. However, it blocks adverts using a filter list maintained by an online community in various countries. This blacklists various advertisers, and installing Adblock will immediately filter out advertising to leave only the user requested pages visible.

  • Is Adblock Plus Firefox available for other Browsers?

    Yes. Adblock is available for Firefox, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera (Windows and Mac OS X/Linux). It is not necessary to have Firefox or Mozilla Firefox installed to use it.

  • How is it installed?

    For Firefox and Mozilla Firefox, Adblock Plus Firefox is installed through the add-ons menu. For Google Chrome, it can be downloaded as an add-on via the Firefox website, or the option can be accessed through 'extensions' under the 'settings' menu. For Opera, Adblock is also accessed through 'extensions'--via 'menu' for Windows, or 'tools' for MAC OS X/Linux.

  • Is Adblock Plus Firefox used for phishing?

    No. There have been suggestions that it can be used to harvest sensitive data, but this is untrue. Adblock Plus Firefox is a highly effective adblock and usurprisingly, many advertisers have taken issue with it. As a result, some advertisers have run a FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) campaign to deter people from using it.

  • Will Adblock Plus Firefox filter all advertising?

    Filter lists on Adblock are based on country, so using the correct filter list for the correct country is important. Sometimes certain lesser-known national sites can bypass the filters; however, there are options for adding a new filter list.

  • Will Adblock Plus Firefox slow down my browser?

    No. The default filter lists (EasyList and Fanboy) are designed for optimum performance whilst allowing optimum ad blocking. However, adding too many lists may slow down browsing.

  • Will Adblock Plus Firefox make browsing difficult?

    The short answer is 'no' owing to the choice of default filter lists; however, sometimes a bad filter will prevent a legitimate website from functioning. Many legitimate websites are also reliant on advertising, meaning that Adblock will prevent access. In this case, the best course of action is to disable the Adblock for the site.

  • Can I temporarily disable or permanently remove Adblock Plus Firefox?

    Yes. By launching the browser, clicking on add-ons, choosing extensions and selecting Adblock. There is an option there for disabling Adblock or deleting it completely.

  • What can I do about bad filters?

    If disabling Adblock allows access to a site, this may be indicative of a bad filter. Use the 'report' option to report to Adblock support incidences where the Adblock is blocking too much or too little. There are options for the type of issue, with a box for adding specifics.